Transport Policy

TRANSPORT POLICY, DELIVERY FROM  SHOP ONLINE OF ROYAL PAINT COMPANY seeks to freight services for customers with the lowest cost and shortest time. The policy of our delivery as follows:

1. Delivery costs

Due to the characteristics of the paint and chemical products should depend on the number of applications and the transport distance and the customer we will agree on a specific delivery costs.

2. Method of delivery

With locations in the area belonging to the distribution system of the company, we will expedite delivery to your site.

In areas where no agent system, two parties will agree on the location of delivery of goods at the right place.

For large orders (from 10 tons or more), the transport system of the company will take place delivered to your requirements.

3. Delivery time

In the distribution sector with retail orders (less than 1 ton), we will expedite delivery to you within 24 hours after the agreed order.

In areas outside the distribution, freight forwarding time will be based on units shipped. We will have the information confirmed with the customer.

For large orders (from 10 tons or more), delivery time will be 2 parties agree.