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ROAL Exterior emulsion paint

RO* AL  exterior emulsion paint  bring modern beauty, elegance shaded by film surface and keep your house walls durable over time thanks to premium features:

– Easy Clean
–  Anti-moss
– Smooth painted surface
– Fastness

Chi tiết sản phẩm

  • Consumption rate
    • Theoretical  coverage: 9 – 10m2 / liter / coat.
    •  Drying time surface (300C)
      •  Surface drying time: 30 minutes
      •  Hard  drying time: 2 hours.
  • Surface preparation:
  •  New surface should be clean and dry, not greasy dirt. Surface humidity below 15% or to the dry wall surface from 21-28 days in normal temperature conditions (temperature 300C). For the old surface must be removed by chisel, scrape, rub machine or appropriate instruments. Uneven surfaces should be coated with the appropriate plaster powder.
  •  Construction Methods
    •  Use a brush, roller.
    •  Stir well before using.
    •  Surface drying time: 30 minutes.
    •  Coat next time: 2 hours.
    • Can be diluted with water.
  •  Recommended paint system
    •  Mastic layers: 2 layers of plaster in ROVAMIX b101.
    •  Lining: 1 SR01 alkaline lining.
    •  Coatings: 2 RO * AL RNBM paint or RNBT.
  •  Preservation
  •  After use, tightly closed barrel, to a cool dry place and transient.
  •  Safe information 
    •  Keep out of reach of CHILDREN.
    •  Wear goggles and a mask when applying. Ensure good ventilation during the construction.
    •  Avoid contact with eyes. Causing serious damage to the eye if exposed. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with clean water and many go to the nearest medical center.