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ROYAL industrial aromatic paint

ROYAL industrial aromatic paint are coating mixture created from premium materials Nitrocellulose and special additives. Aromatic industrial paint ROAL weather resistance, good adhesion, resistance to solvents, drying, bright colors, suitable for decoration and protection of metal surfaces used are durable

Chi tiết sản phẩm

  •  Nitrocellulose resin 45-75%
  •   Solvents, additives: 25-55%
  • Max fineness 25μm
  •  Coverage g / m2 90
  •   Photosynthesis gloss (60º angle) 85 min
  •  Drying time 30 minutes max
  •  Non-volatile matter content of 50%
  •  Surface treatment:
    Clean smooth surface to dry.
  • The process of painting::
    Aromatic paint diluted with gasoline at a rate of 30% by volume.
  •   Painting divided into 2 layers, each 30 minutes
    Paint roller or paint spray gun.
    Uniformly colored before painting .
  •  Beating sealed.
  •  Preserving a dry, cool place and away from ignition sources
  •  Keep away from children.