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Tile paint- RN2B

Sealers are synthesized from Acrylonitrile and Alkylsiloxan, have the effect of preventing the infiltration of water to the tile, with rich colors bring beauty perfect for tile roofs.

Chi tiết sản phẩm

Royal Tiles paint is the high  quality Acrylic emulsion paint, the selected choice for decoration and protection of masonry surfaces .

    • Colour           : according to colour board
    • Fineness       : 40±5µm
    • Vicosity         : 95±5KU
    • Density          : 200-220g/m2
    • pH                   : 8-9
    • Drying           : 3-4h
    • Proportion  : 1.15±0.03g/ml
    • Gloss 60       :Min25

    •   Remove unstable paint film, dirt, dust, fungus and other matter.
    •   Ensure surface is clean, dry and stable.
    •    Use clean water to dilute.
    •    Stir well before use.
    •    Apply with brush or roller.
    •     Overcoating time minimum 2 hours.
    •    Theoretical consumption: 6-7m2/litre.
    • Sealer: One coat of ROAL interior Sealer
    • Finish coat: two coat of ROAL Exterior  Emulsion RN2B