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HOT MELT THERMOPLASTIC ROAD MARKING PAINT used to paint on the road divider and road traffic system.

  • Paint can be constructed with reflective particles to noticeable at night when it was raining for driving visibility.
  • Paint powder is used when melted at a temperature of 180 ° C – 200 ° C and is pressed into painted lines on the road with an intensity and a certain thickness.
  • General characteristics of hot melt thermoplastic marking paint:
    1. Good adhesion
    2. Good durability and thermal stability
    3. Clear vision at day and night
    4. Environment friendly
    5. High slippery resistance
    6. Quick dry
    7. Good hardness and aging resistance.

  • Colour : while, yellow
  • Drying time : ≤ 2 mins
  • Luminace : ≥ 75%
  • Heat Stability : ≥ 70%
  • Softening point : ≥ 850C
  • Abrasion Resistance :≤ 0.4g
  • Flowability : ≤ 10%
  • Specific Gravity : 2±0.1 g/ml
  • Adhesion : ≥ 1.24 MPa
  • Glass Beads content : ≥ 20%
  • Binder Resin content : ≥ 18%
  • Titanium content : ≥ 6%
  • Canxi Cacbonat and inert fillers content: ≤ 40

  1. Step 1: Prepare the surface construction
    • Making the surface, remove dust, grease and other contaminants by compressed air, broom or brush machine manually.
    • Cleaning the previous layers of paint adhesion coating capable of peeling weak by chisel grinding and special machines.
    1. The surface must be dry:
      • Do not apply thermoplastic paint when moisture remains on the surface. Moisture is harmful factor for the adhesion of paint to the surface.
      • Timeout after 24 hours of continuous rain on concrete surfaces after 12 hours on the asphalt surface.
      • Check moisture content dedicated machine lines
    2. Environment temperature:
      • Thermoplastic paint should not be applied if the air temperature is below the surface temperature of 12.80C and below 1000C. The construction should not take place if there is less than 7.20C cold wind. If the temperature is not right will affect the adhesion.
  2. Step 2: Apply hot melt thermoplastic paint road marking
    1. Heat:
      • Large pot volume 200kg / times
      • Pour paint into a 30% volume pot. When flour is gradually added to soup slowly and stirring constantly until the temperature reaches 2040C or 1770C (for spraying thick). Determine the temperature using thermometers (usually attached to the cooker)
      • Must be constructed within 30 minutes after the temperature reaches 2040C or 1770C (for spraying thick).
      • To paint for the cooking pot of paint in the tank when 1/3
      • Stop stirring when the temperature drops below 1570C, not heated when the pot of paint too little paint and a long module will burn and turn color
      • After painting satisfactory, switch machines.
    2. Construction:
      • Shoe And cooker must be cleaned before construction.
      • Shoe thickness must be adjusted in accordance with the technical requirements of construction.
      • Crucible of construction machines and shoe must be heated with gas stove before pouring paint industry from large cooking pot on.
      • When the flow completely, the paint will go through the system 6mm x 6mm mesh filter and flows into shoe, where insulated paint in minimum temperature 1800C – 1900C. From shoe parts, paint is pressed onto the surface of the road cover (shoe width 10cm, 15cm, 20cm)
      • Execution can sprinkle reflective particles, to synchronize and spread. Seeds must be sprinkled upon painting and deep 60% on the painting surface.