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Mọi thông tin chi tiết vui lòng liên hệ với Công ty Sơn Hoàng Gia qua thông tin dưới đây hoặc thông qua website này.

HOTLINE: (+84)8 668 55 666 / 098 350 1937

TRỤ SỞ CHÍNH: (+84)54 386 3975

EMAIL: info@royalpaint-trade.com

shopping guide


Customers who bought the product at Royalpaint.com in 2 ways as follows:

Option 1: Order online

Step 1: You access the Online Store (Royalpaint.com) at the web address: www.royalpaint.com
Step 2: You select products on the web and click on the order section.
Step 3: You choose the payment and fill out the necessary contact information.
Step 4: We’ll get back to you within 24 hours after receipt of your order (confirmation by email or phone) to confirm orders and shipping costs.
Step 5a: If you are in areas without distribution system we then please pay through the account information of the company (to be sent a confirmation email). After payment confirmation, we will proceed shipping goods to you.
Step 5b: If you are in an area under the distribution system we proceed, we will ship to you (or you can receive the goods at the agent system). After receiving your payment directly with the amount as agreed in step 4.
Method 2: Purchase by phone

Step 1: You access the Online Store (Royalpaint.com) at the web address: www.royalpaint.com.
Step 2: You see the product on the web.
Step 3: You call the phone number (+84) 0914172684 support staff to meet purchasing.
Step 4: Have a company representative and uniform orders and payment terms.
Step 5: Conduct of delivery.